About the "Developing jQuery Mobile" forum

About the "Developing jQuery Mobile" forum


The "Developing jQuery Mobile" forum is here for discussions about the development of jQuery Mobile.

If you want to discuss using jQuery Mobile to develop your own website, webapp, or native application, you should post on the 'jQuery Mobile" forum. It's the appropriate place for that discussion, and your post will get greater exposure.

If you want to report a bug or suggest a feature to the jQuery Mobile team, neither of these forums is the place to do so. The jQuery Mobile developers do not monitor either of these forums for bug reports or feature suggestions. 

If you wish to file a bug report or make a feature request, you should review the submission requirements here:

and then file an Issue on github. You will need to establish a github account if you are not already a github member.

Feel free, however, to discuss proposed bug reports here before submission. Realize, though, that github Issues are the only way to insure that your bug report or feature request will be considered.

Appropriate topics for this forum:

- I'd like to contribute to the jQuery Mobile project. How can I do so?

- I'm writing a plugin for jQuery Mobile. What are best practices?

- I've forked the jQuery Mobile project and would like to make some modifications for my own use. I'd like some advice on internal details.

- I've got a great idea for a new feature. I'd like to discuss it with others before formally submitting it via a github Issue.

- I have a question about the coding standards for the jQuery Mobile project, because I'd like to make a contribution to the project.

- I think I've found a bug, and I think I have a solution, but I'm not sure. I'd like to discuss it before making a pull request with my changes on github.

- The documentation is unclear on some topic, and I'd like to contribute a change. I'd like to discuss it before making an official submission on github.

Other issues should be directed to the "jQuery Mobile" forum, which is a self-help forum for developers who use jQuery Mobile. If you have a question or problem with using jQuery Mobile, need to know how to do something that you can't figure out, want some advice on how best to accomplish some task using jQuery Mobile, etc. those issues should be discussed on the "jQuery Mobile" forum.

Please note that participants and moderators as well in both forums are individuals volunteering their time, and in most cases have no direct affiliation with the jQuery Mobile project. I often see posts such as "you need to fix this bug", etc. There is no "you" here - only "us". Please keep this in mind when posting to either forum.