Accordion - centering display on active div content panel?

Accordion - centering display on active div content panel?

I have accordion working fine It really helps me organize a lot of data on a subject.

The "problem" I have is I want the active div content panel to be centered or moved to the top of the display.

If I have a long winded set of details on a subject in one div content panel then the next may have an image of the subject then the next div content panel may have some reference material on the subject. And this all works great, except when I open the first long winded div content panel I scroll down to the next accordion div header  (again fine and dandy) but when I open that next div content panel the formerly displayed div content panel closes then the next one opens (as expected) but now my display window is at the bottom of the file and the second div content panel is "way up" in the display due to the former size of the last div content panel.

So if you have accordion working on 20 content panels it would be nice to not have to scroll all over the place to see the active div content panel.

So is there a way to establish a point in any given div content panel to be the "top" so that when div content panel are opened and closed that the "top" is positioned at the top of the display or any other specified location?

Thanks in advance!