AIDE, PhoneGap and being lazy and mobil

AIDE, PhoneGap and being lazy and mobil


I am a bit lazy, so I had to do some work to allow me to easily show/test/implement ideas.
As a browser places an environment around HTML5 and sometimes one needs to get to more than what the browser allows, one has to use PhoneGap and plugins.

As I seem to be using Android for the time being (I keep breaking iPhones ...), I made
It allows me to quickly create an idea even when on the move, including compiling of a plugin...

At the present moment, I need a MVC environment, and have chosen AngularJS, so there is a basic template for it too.
The next step is to make a JQuery Mobile template version.

"Share and enjoy"

Br Owen Brotherwood
(I lost my identity in jQuery, my old user name OwenBrotherwood seems to be decoupled from the login system but I am back cos of a DB application I need to make === MVC)

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