I find ajax with jquery more confusing than with regular JS, b/c in jQuery you don't declare XMLHttpRequest object..   so how do you do something like

    $('#testFromAjax').append(xmlHttp.responseText);     ???
     (assuming of course that 'xmlHttp' eval's to XMLHttpRequest object)

in example I mention here,
namely http://www.bitrepository.com/a-simple-ajax-contact-form-with-php-validation.html
I don't understand where var 'msg' is declared, I know it comes from the back-end, but HOW is it passed to the front-end??? (how do you do this w/o responseText or something similar??)

I'm trying to connect to a send-mail jsp with ajax.. the email is not getting sent..  I want to test if the ajax connection is being made at all..  don't know how do it w/o something like


thank you...

PS:  this is my jQuery ajax code for connecting to send-email jsp:

    var dataToSend = "name=sName&email=sEmail&msg=sMsg;

         $('#submitBtn').click(function() {
    //    if (validate()) {
                type: "POST",
                url: "/mail/sendMail_ajax.jsp",
                data: dataToSend,
                success: function() {
                    Success(); //    (hides form and populates success div)
    //    }

thank you..