ajax:beforeSend for jsonp requests don't fire

ajax:beforeSend for jsonp requests don't fire

Hi all,

I'm using jQuery to send jsonp request to flickr. My main issue is that I need to sign the url with all its params before sending the request. But at the moment I construct the url, I do not know the random callback function name.

So i tempted to use the beforeSend event, which allow me to handle and modify the url with the second param. My idea is - just before sending the request - to modify on the fly the url in order to add the hashed signature with the right parameters.

The problem is that this event is not fired when using a json data format. So I can't do anything.

I added the line of code on my own and it's working great. Line 4814, just added this :

  1. // Allow custom headers/mimetypes and early abort
    if ( s.beforeSend && s.beforeSend.call(callbackContext, xhr, s) === false ) {
        // Handle the global AJAX counter
        if ( s.global && ! --jQuery.active ) {
            jQuery.event.trigger( "ajaxStop" );

        // close opended socket
        return false;

Which is a bad and ugly copy/paste from line 4910, but which is working.

Is it possible to add this kind of event for json requests ?