Ajax / JQuery insert into MySql failed

Ajax / JQuery insert into MySql failed

Hello to everybody!

I am total lost. What is wrong? I try to INSERT INTO mysql.

It add a row in MySQL , but no data.

I am sitting sin  ce some days on it and dont understand it. I checked houndreds of web pages. I need help!!!


Here is the full code:


  1.    function jsRecordInsertWrite()

            var jsObject = {
                "ID": document.form_articles.ID.value,
                "Item": document.form_articles.Item.value,
                "ItemNo": document.form_articles.ItemNo.value,
                "Material": document.form_articles.Material.value,
                "Age": document.form_articles.Age.value,
                "ItemSize": document.form_articles.ItemSize.value,
                "Price": document.form_articles.Price.value,
                "Info": document.form_articles.Info.value,
                "InfoRed": document.form_articles.InfoRed.value,
                "ArrivalDate": document.form_articles.ArrivalDate.value,
                "ArrivalDateShown": document.form_articles.ArrivalDateShown.value,
                "MainPicLink": document.form_articles.MainPicLink.value,
                "ItemCondition": document.form_articles.ItemCondition.value,
                "ItemTimestamp": document.form_articles.ItemTimestamp.value,
                "ItemCategory": document.form_articles.ItemCategory.value

            // ... the AJAX request is successful
            var updatePage = function (response) {
                alert("insert record successful");
            // ... the AJAX request fail
            var printError = function (req, status, err) {
                alert("insert record failed");
            // Create an object to describe the AJAX request
                url        : 'insertarticle.php',
                dataType   : 'json',
                contentType: 'application/json; charset=UTF-8', // This is the money shot
                data       : jsObject,
                type       : 'POST',
                success: updatePage,
                error: printError

Here is insertarticle.php

  1.    <?php

         $link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'admin0', 'star1star1star0');
        if (!$link) {
        die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
        $db_selected = mysql_select_db('sob', $link);
        if (!$db_selected) {
        die ('Can\'t use foo : ' . mysql_error());

        //read the json file contents
        $ID =  $_POST['ID'];
        $Item =  $_POST['Item'];
        $ItemNo =  $_POST['ItemNo'];
        $Material =  $_POST['Material'];
        $Age =  $_POST['Age'];
        $ItemSize =  $_POST['ItemSize'];
        $Price =  $_POST['Price'];
        $Info =  $_POST['Info'];
        $InfoRed =  $_POST['InfoRed'];
        $ArrivalDate =  $_POST['ArrivalDate'];
        $ArrivalDateShown  =  $_POST['ArrivalDateShown'];
        $MainPicLink =  $_POST['MainPicLink'];
        $ItemCondition =  $_POST['ItemCondition'];
        $ItemTimestamp =  $_POST['timestamp'];
        $ItemCategory =  $_POST['ItemCategory'];

        //insert into mysql table
        $sql = "INSERT INTO articles(ID, Item, ItemNo, Material, Age, ItemSize, Price, Info, InfoRed, ArrivalDate,

    ArrivalDateShown, MainPicLink, ItemCondition, ItemTimestamp, ItemCategory) VALUES



        die('Error : ' . mysql_error());

        //database connection close



The first NULL is for  autoincrement ID, the other NULL is for automatic timestamp

I would be very very happy if somebody can show me where  my code is failing ...