this example

is not working in my local php environment.. I don't see 'success' msg...  I don't have php env online, so can't post a functioning example..

php files:

it does connect to contact.php, b/c at bottom of contact.php I put "this is contact.php" and that shows where success content should go....

main thing I don't get is this line:

if (msg == 'OK')  {   // (if msg == "OK"????  )

also this line

  success: function(msg)
  how does it know what "msg" eval's to???

and, is the php back-end supposed to send an email? b/c in config.php you have to hard-code an email address, which I did, but I haven't gotten any emails (also don't see code to send email in php..)
    [ e d i t : I take this back,  I see it now...   I still don't see how str 'OK' is passed to 'msg' variable on the front-end though... ]

this must be an old example/tutorial, markup does not follow today's standards, but am having a hard time finding jQuery/ajax scripts online that work...

thank you...