An addition to the documentation

An addition to the documentation

Hi there,

I just  found a solution to an issue with an event handling IE peculiarity which is not a bug of jquery. I believe someone among the maintainers should mention this in the documentation about bind, mouseout and mouseleave so that others can avoid wasting hours in order to find it.

The issue is as follows: when one binds a handler for the mouseout or mouseleave events to an element which contains other html elements then IE fires the event and invokes the handler when the mouse leaves the _contained_ elements and not when leaving the container!

Before seeking for a solution to the internets I run tests and ruled out the possible reasons one would consider. I checked isPropagationStopped(), I changed the handler to return true if the event was fired on the wrong element in order to allow bubbling, and many many other things with no fruits.

Then I searched on the web and here is the solution which sounds weird but it works. Descriptions of the issue and among others the working solution was found at

To conclude this, we should help fellow sufferers by adding to the documentation for bind, mouseleave and mouseout something like this: "If the element to which the event handler is binded contains other html elements and the container element does not have been assigned a background-color, IE will not fire the events on it but instead on the contained elements. That is, will invoke the event handler when the mouse pointer leaves each of the contained elements. A workaround to this is to assign a background-color to the container element. If you need a transparent container then you can set its opacity to 0 with no issues arising."