Android and IOS Keyboards not hiding

Android and IOS Keyboards not hiding

Im using jquery mobile 1.2.0.min and jquery 1.7.2 and i also just tried the jquery 1.8.2 version and still got the same problem.

I have tested my app in Android 4.0.4 and IOS6 , Xoom tablet and iphone 4 specificially.

On any page , whenever I finish typing something and press the return button , it does not close the keyboard.
I have tried .blur() , .focus() on another element , $('input').blur() , a chain of .blur() .focus() .blur() and they all do not work.

In fact , .focus() on an element does not even open a keyboard when tested.

I have no idea why , but all online solutions I tried have not work.

I do have a partial solution for Android which is opening and closing a select menu programmitically to close the keyboard but it does not work for IOS if you are on another page.

I need advice on why this is happening and even better , a solution.

I hope you guys can help! Thanks