.animate() - Queue Simulation for older jquery Verions (Drupal) Conflict

.animate() - Queue Simulation for older jquery Verions (Drupal) Conflict

Hello Guys,

im searching for a solution to come out with the jquery Version, which Drupal is including natively. Its a older version. Actually there are nooo problems - but one :D I use a .animate() function with a queue false, and without this attribute (because this attribute was addet to .animate() in jquery 1.7), it is not animating as i want.

The code is:

  1.         //When mouse rolls over
  2.         $("#login").bind('mouseover mouseenter',function(){
  3.             $("#logo").stop().delay(500)
  4.             .animate({top:'-44px'},
  5.             {queue:false, duration:600, easing: 'swing'})
  7.             $("#login").stop()
  8.             .animate({top:'89px'},
  9.             {queue:false, duration:600, easing: 'easeOutBounce'})
  10.         });
  12.         //When mouse is removed
  13.         $("#login").bind('mouseout mouseleave',function(){
  14.             $("#logo").stop().animate({top:'6px'},
  15.             {queue:false, duration:600, easing: 'easeOutBounce'})
  17.             $("#login").stop().animate({top:'40px'},
  18.             {queue:false, duration:600, easing: 'swing'})
  19.         });

Maybe you can help me find a solution? The problem, why i want to exclude the jquery version I used for this (1.8.3) is that a Drupal Module is not showing up the wysiwyg (CKEditor), when jquery 1.8.3 is inlcluded additionaly and unfortunately i cant replace the jquery version of the core with jquery 1.8.3 :(