So i've just started out with this and i'm kinda stuck ..   I'm trying to animate a progress bar by taking the % value from the div attribute.

So far i have animated it to my requirements with this simple code

  1. $(".progress-bar").animate({ width: "75%" }, 1000);

This obviously works perfectly until i need multiple progress bars with different values, so what i want to do is use a script to obtain the ariavalue-now attribute value

  1. <div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" aria-valuenow="65" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100" style="width: 0%">

This piece of code does just that, but being an absolute novice, i have no idea how to tie the 2 pieces together.

  1. var width = $( ".progress-bar" ).attr( "aria-valuenow" );

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.