Annoying Flickerings in Transitions

Annoying Flickerings in Transitions


I have made two apps for the iphone with phonegap and jQM. Both of them are developed completely independent from each other and do completely different things. 

I've tested every single transition for the changePage event but the Flickering is the same every time. 
for Example: if I click on a Button for the next page I can see the next page for some milliseconds and then the transition starts and flickers.

for testing pourposes I have made 4 simple jQM pages with 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000 words on it. I can browse through these pages without any problems and/or flickerings. So I think the problem must be in my JavaScript code, when the device is downloading new data from the Server or when the device have to build up lists or something like that... 

does anyone got experiences with that problem? or does anyone have an idea how to fix that ?