apply datepicker to input element in a hidden div

apply datepicker to input element in a hidden div

I am applying a datepicker to an input field in a hidden div that is a jquery dialog that will be opened by another trigger. The same code on one shared hosting ( -> works fine, while on another shared hosting ( -> the datepicker isn't hidden like it should be. It's appearing where the hidden div is on the page, towards the bottom of the page. I'm not seeing any particular error messages in firebug in this regard either, so I'm not sure what's going on...

John R. D'Orazio

07/05/2011 00:50 EDIT:
I still haven't been able to figure this out. I have done quite a bit of troubleshooting. By the way, it will not be visible to any visitor; it will only be visible to administrative accounts because the hidden div is only created on the page for administrator accounts.

07/05/2011 00:59 EDIT:
I think I have a little more information on what is going on, see this thread:
Apparently, the datepicker when initialized is not hidden, it is put off screen. Well what if it is put off screen when the page isn't yet fully loaded? Once the page is loaded completely it may no longer be off screen... I'm not sure if maybe this is the case? How far off screen is it being put?

08/05/2011 21:07 EDIT:
I think I finally pinpointed the problem. I had an outdated css in a folder of my CMS that was being automatically loaded after I was loading the most recent css from the Google CDN, so it was being over-written by 1.7.1 version file. Between 1.7.1 and the actual 1.8.12 the hidden-accessible has changed from being offscreen to being clipped to 1px. Once I deleted the outdated file that was being loaded I had no more problems. (Originally I thought it was a browser-cache related problem, but no matter how much I flushed the browser nothing would change, well that sure explains why!)