As always, the proof is in the eating (Zoho)

As always, the proof is in the eating (Zoho)

I feel the last thing the growing jQuery community needed at this time was a significant communication and collaboration infrastructure downgrade.

I think the jQuery team talks a good game about "getting involved" but its really apparent, once one tries to do-so, that the collaboration infrastructure is not there (not just Zoho, but docs especially).

Combine one petulant public rant by @jresig with a rushed switch to Zoho without any objective criteria whatsoever, no input, no testing, no parallel operation, plus unilateral bridge-burning proclamations ("I will be closing this forum..."), and you pretty much end-up where we are.

Answering questions and following discussion is currently a nightmare.  I cannot imagine answering 100-questions per month on Zoho.  I think the jQuery team is going to have a tough-time recruiting and retaining help-at-large until the situation improves drastically, as opposed to improving glacially which would be a generous assessment of Zoho progress since the switch.

Notice something?  Those who've so-far said they "love this forum" don't actually partake much beyond that. 

Measure it, you'll see. 

If you bother to measure the number of questions, number of answers, numbers participating, Q&A lag-time, and so on you will see it.   If you don't have metrics, "spectacular failure" is only heard as "spectacular" or whatever you want to hear.

That is all I have to say about this rushed, unilateral and ill-advised switch to Zoho. 

**--**  Steve