ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile URL Problem

ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile URL Problem

Hi everybody!

I developed an web application for a client with using MVC 4.0 and jQuery Mobile 1.3. This is my first app with jQuery Mobile. It is using a Form Authentication Login.

So about my problem, my app works great on desktop browsers but when i try on ipad, after i login on site, something adds a code to url. On desktop it does not do this.

And this code or i don't know what it is, breaks down all my navigation and system.
I disabled ajax from global settings and it didn't fix the problem.

I cleared the browser cache on ipad and at first it worked ok but then on second try it did the same thing again.

I searched for this problem pretty much but i could not find any solution.

Does anybody can help me about this?

Thank you for your time..


I found this post..

I am trying this..

I will update post again if it fix the problem..


Solution is working..

Thanks again and sorry for my impatience..