Autocomplete bug in handling Korean characters

Autocomplete bug in handling Korean characters

When Korean characters are copy/pasted into the input box, Autocomplete works.  When Korean characters are typed in and the down arrow key is used for selection, Autocomplete does not work, as reported by forum user idevsk, who I have been trying to help via the UI Forum. He says, this action used to work in jQueryUI 1.8.1, but the action does not work in any UI release after that.

idevsk built a test script with Korean selections, and I implemented it in  I am not set up to type Korean characters, but he is (He also describes how to do that.), and he reports that the simple availableTags Autocomplete does not work properly when Korean is typed in and selected by down arrow key. Note the last comment pane from idevsk where he describes nuances about where the cursor is when the selection is made. It seems that Korean is some special type of character.

Our discussion is at

The jsfiddle example is at

and it is also in one of the discussion panes near the bottom of the series.

Secondly, when I try to enter a bug report (this is my 2d one in as many months), it tells me I do not have TICKET_CREATE authority. Should I?, or is bug reporting a reserved activity? If I (and other 'normal folks' with forum accounts) should be able to enter bug reports, how do we get authorized to do so?  And if there is a way to do that, may I suggest that it be posted somewhere on the page when someone clicks the Submit Bug Report link.  If posting here on the developer forum is the way to submit bugs, I'm wondering if/how these get tracked to resolution and included in activity reports.

I would appreciate an update on both issues after they are investigated. Thanks for all you do.