Background color won't reset after mouseOut

Background color won't reset after mouseOut

I've my portfolio online here

As you can see every time you hover on a menu item the background changes, but on mouse out the background won't go back to the original one, but keeps the color of the last hovered item.

It's the only bug so far and I'd like to fix this as I'm jobless and I've to share my portfolio with clients and companies :D

This is the JS that changes the background color, and should bring it back to its initial one on mouse out:

$(function() { // Shorthand for $(document).ready(function() {
      var body = $('body');
      var bg = body.css('background');
      $('ul.nav a').hover(function() {
                  body.css('background', $(this).data('bgColor'));
            }, function() {

Every item has a different color, which will be the initial background color of the page of the item itself.

Not sure what other informations you might need but feel free to ask me.

Thanks a lot for this, gonna get some work hopefully ;)