Best practice to link to a piece of code

Best practice to link to a piece of code

Hello. I am making an app that has episodes list of a show. I have covered the issues of copyrights so that is not a worry.

The problem is that the show started back in 2009 therefore I have a lot of videos linked through iFrame. I used a list-view demo from jquerymobile docs & demos website and figured out how to make embedd an iframe in a popup (there was also a user on here that helped me as well). The project can be found here:

Since the listing page for the corresponding month's episodes is only one page, I would have to put all of the embedding code in one page which will make the page load slowly. I want to stay away from the problem of the page loading slowly therefore I was wondering if there was a way to make a dynamic file that would execute that one set of code or something around that nature or would the page load slowly due to a lot of iframes being embedded.

The app or the website is solely for iOS and Android at the moment and will be tested most likely on an iOS so if the iFrame were to play automatically (which isn't instructed in the code) will the page load slower? I cannot test the app at the moment due to not having a developer account or having access to a Macintosh but my device's UDID is registered via a friends developer account and I have requested him to make me a UIWebView app so I will be testing it very soon.

If someone could give their thoughts or possibly link me to a tutorial or give me a hint or something I would really appreciate it. I am a little frustrated by this issue as I cannot test it yet either. :(

Thank you in advance.

PS if you are wondering how many episodes I have downloaded, its 200. Each episode in 5 parts which I had to manually combine using my video editor. So I do have patience! Just not the right items to test my problems and solve them! :)