bored and tired. a lot of problems in different android

bored and tired. a lot of problems in different android

I must to develope an app to connect and work with a mysql database and I had decided to use JQM. (it will be easy! ha). two weeks later I have countless problems. I don't know a better place to write my sorrows. Let's start:

I have an LG Optimus SOL (with CyanogenMod 7) and android 3.2.7 and app works (more or less) fine but it's time to enumerate the problems:

1) In a Samsung Galaxy Note (4.0.4) all the dynamic content doesn't display. I rewrite almost body with jquery. the body is blank O_o I only see the header. I see the menu because its static html and css
2) In a Samsung Galaxy II (4.1.2) the app works..., unless you rotate screen: I wrote it here: and I see some (hard) solution in:
When I saw the problem number 1 the problem 2 not worth it to fix it.
3) Selects in 3.2.7 don't work fine (in 4.x.x no problem). When I click in the select only I can selected :-/ it doesn't display. I need to delete header and delete attribute data-native-menu="false" to work fine in Android (developing in a desktop browser now it will be quite annoying). If I set data-native-menu="false" in Android 3.2.7 it will display the damn window, but when I click in a option (with a select in background) it will open the damn background select)
4) html5 validation is a joke. All the features (validate automatic email, required,...) that it works in Chrome in the app nothing validate.
5) CSS3 will work, maybe... In 4.1.2 I see border-radius (not in 3.2.7) but in the main screen I need "overflow: hidden;" in html element. It works... only in 3.2.7.
6) I only see loader when the app find a bug.

I don't understand it. A simple and powerfull js framework to develope standard app that it works in BlackBerry, Iphone, Android. Really?

sorry for my bad English...