Bug? JS breaks after redirect, works after page refresh [EXAMPLES]

Bug? JS breaks after redirect, works after page refresh [EXAMPLES]

Hello, I have been working on an issue for a while now, and haven't found an answer. Please forgive me if I post something wrong!

I have a test login page you can see at:
(No username or password required)

This will redirect you to a test control panel page when you press the button. I've emptied out everything that's unnecessary to see the issue.

The problem: After redirect, JavaScript and jQuery will not run until you refresh the page.

I found something I thought was relevant in the docs here:
Linking within a Multipage Document

  • I tried using rel and data-ajax in the form tag, no luck.

  • Tried taking out ajax from the login altogether and redirecting with PHP alone, still no luck.

As you can see on the test control panel page, I have plain old JS to give an alert and redirect. This doesn't run for me until I refresh the page.

Really banging my head against the wall over here. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your time and consideration. I really value these forums and jQueryMobile has been a nice addition to the site - if I could just iron out this bug!