Caching jQ/jQM (+ PhoneGap)

Caching jQ/jQM (+ PhoneGap)

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to work with jQM and PhoneGap to write an app. Using a single-page layout is better to not have to load the whole app into the DOM right away, but leaves me with a great loss of flexibility as I have to define my header over and over again in each file. An even greater problem, though, is having to load jQuery, jQuery Mobile *and* the CSS file again everytime I open a page.

My question is if someone knows if a PhoneGap built app will cache those files or really reload them everytime? Also, what is the best practice to both keep the DOM small and keep flexibility?

If it was a pure web app, I'd just use a server-side language like PHP to dynamically create the header. Since I use PhoneGap to get a hybrid app, this method is out of the picture.

Thanks in advance!