Can I use QUnit browserless with Rhino?

Can I use QUnit browserless with Rhino?

I've found my self having to write a library of Javascript functions for a Embedded Web UI
I'm not very experience with javascript and the modern Web development environment.
The function I need to write are simple utility function. independent of the browser environment.
QUnit looked like a good framework to use for a unit tests. However it appears to require a browser which does not work well for automating the tests with my build process.

I did discover the work by Benjamin Lee (Qunit-cli) which allows me to run the javascript test with Rhino. This was just thing. small and functional, and easy to run in build environment with make. However I leaned the while it was merged into the main QUnit development, it is now over 5 years old, and QUnit has moved on. I've tried using the latest version of QUnit in the same way but no luck.

I'd prefer to use an active, supported framework, rather than a 5 year old version.

Is it possible to Use QUnit without a browser and run my tests with Rhino, or has this ability been broken?