Carousel for switchung iFrames or Web Applications?

Carousel for switchung iFrames or Web Applications?


I am a developer of business web applications, experienced in Javascript, HTML5, jQuery (itself) but haven't developed own jQuery plugins yet.

I now need the expertise of experienced plugin developers, about feasability of the following scenario:
I am evaluating possibilities to develop a "Windows-like" app switcher, in carousel style, which shall allow business users to switch between several web apps, loaded at the same time, but only have one visible in the foreground at a point of time.

Basically, I imagine to have a website, loading a certain number of single page (AJAX based) web applications, maybe each placed in a DIV of its own (or maybe in an iFrame for asynchronous loading); all of these DIVs/iFrames put one after another on the page.
Using jQuery I'd like to swap these containers put of the viewport and visualize a carousel, where the user can rotate and select the web app he wants to work with.

My question is:
Do you think this is feasible, in respect to jQuery possibilities?
I ran a Google search, there seem to be jQuery-based carousels, offering iFrame support, but I found no running demo site.
Do you know some examples, where I can have a look?

Kind regards,