Checkbox click event seems to not work

Checkbox click event seems to not work

Hello to Everyone.

First sorry for my English. I'll try write my problem clear as possible. I was searching for my problem but I didn't find any solution,

I hava a checkbox in every row on table. I want to change state of cb  by clicking on row and on cb too.
But when I add event to row, I can't change state of cb by clicking directly on it. Only click on row, outside the cb area work. In addition, I cannot invoke event on any elements inside that row, anchors, etc.

My code:

  1.   $('tbody > tr').click(function() {
            var tr = $(this),
                 cb = tr.find(':checkbox'),
                 currState = cb.attr('checked');
            cb.attr('checked', ! currState);

 Could anybody explain me how I can resolve my problem?