Collapser - onmouseover

Collapser - onmouseover


I am new to javascript and I have a (hopefully simple) question..

I am using the Collapser plugin and it works.. but I would really like to expand the menu when the mouse is over the link, and collapse it when it leaves the field - instead of clicking on it. So I assume I have to use "onmouseover" in the tag.. can you help me?

<script type="text/javascript">



        target: 'next',
        effect: 'slide',
        changeText: 0,


<div class="linko"><a href="">Fruits</a> +</div>
<div class="linku">
<span class="linkus">Apples</a> -<br />
<span class="linkus">Bananas</a> -<br />
<span class="linkus">Oranges</a> -<br />