Column-Toggle Table bug in Android 2.3

Column-Toggle Table bug in Android 2.3

Hi, my name is Juan Pablo.

I have a problem with Column-Toggle Table.

When I run my app on Android 4.0 it works fine but if i run it on a device with android 2.3 it crash.

the column button dosent show correctly. It only show the text. And I lost the function to horizontal scroll the table.

This is my HTML Code
  1. <div data-role="content" id="content">
  2. <div>
  3. <div style="overflow:scroll" id="divTable">
  4.                                     <table style="position: relative;" id="TableMonitor" data-role="table"                                           data-mode="columntoggle"  class="ui-responsive table-stroke                                                          table-stripe">
  5.                                     ' HERE GOES THE TABLE CONTENT
  6.                               </table>
  7.                               </div>
  8. </div>
  9. </div>

I hope you can give me any directions..


I add here 2 prints screens edited for you.

Android 4.0

And here Android 2.2