Critical bug with google chrome - Update

Critical bug with google chrome - Update


Ok, I found the bug in the jquery mobile script in line 8021. The wrapper has no closing tag string:

1.2 jquery mobile version: = this.element.wrap( "<div class='ui-select" + classes + "'>" );

Fix for the 1.2 Version: = this.element.wrap( "<div class='ui-select" + classes + "'></div>" );

I'm new to jquery. What is the process to make sure this fix lands in the new version????


It seems there is an issue with google chrome and xhtml pages using the "select" element. Google chrome throws error "Uncaught Error: SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12". When I'm using uncompressed jquery files it locates the error to the jquery 1.8.3 line 6325. Can somebody confirm this bug for xhtml files using jqery mobile 1.2? I think this needs to be fixed asap.