.css() and url hashtags

.css() and url hashtags

Hi guys!

I am building a mobile app with jquery mobile - this is the first time I'm doing it, so pardon my noobness in any way. :P

The problem is: I have a code that changes a css attribute in a div. It is inside a function that executes inside a 'pagebeforecreate' statement.

The problem is that the code executes perfectly in chrome and firefox, where the url is output without /#/page. However, in ie9 the hashtag is placed in the url and as soon as I enter the page my code is not executed.

All the other code inside the function is executed, except for this little piece.

I am using the latest alpha release.

This is the code:

      'background-position-y': '80px'

This is the statement inside which it is executed:

$(document).delegate("#mypage", "pagebeforecreate", function(event) {

Thank you for any help!