Custom Checkbox & Draggable

Custom Checkbox & Draggable

I have to use a checkbox from a 3rd party library. That library creates checkboxes using the custom checkbox from Khavilo Dmitry. That checkbox has the following code for mousedown

$('img', ch.wrapper).bind('dragstart', function () { return false; }).bind('mousedown', function () { return false; });

Now I need this checkbox to be draggable. Since I do not have control over this 3rd party library, I wrapped the checkbox into a div like

<div id="checkboxID" draggable="true" ondragstart="dragStart(event)"> [Custom Checkbox] </div>

The idea was that the draggable event bubbles up and gets processed by my div. However, my dragStart function never got called. After many hours of debugging, I finally figured out that the mousedown function above somehow prevents dragStart to be executed. So how can I make this checkbox draggable considering the fact that I don't have control over this 3rd party library.