Custom Icons on JQuery UI Button

Custom Icons on JQuery UI Button

I have searched the forums and google for an answer to this and it seems pretty much every answer is out of date and doesn't work.  After spending a couple of hours banging my head I'm stumped.

I simply want to replace the icon in a JQuery UI button with a custom icon.   I have been attempting to do it this way based upon numerous posts I have found:

  1. .icon_help {
  2.     background-imageurl(../image/Help_16x16.png) !important;
  3.     width16px;
  4.     height16px;
  5. }
And then specifying it:

  1.  $('#btn_help').button({
  2.         icons: { primary: 'icon_help' },
  3.         text: true
  4.     });
I have tried numerous variations on this based upon various posts and none of them work.

Can someone please post a simple example of replacing the icon in jquery ui button?