Cycle and label/input [radio] clicks - 'next' command advances two

Cycle and label/input [radio] clicks - 'next' command advances two

I'm building a body shape calculator which jQuery Cycle turns into a truly beautiful form. However...

The original problem:
When a parent element is the slide, any child form labels and inputs cannot be selected if the same click is used to advance the slide. They can be clicked, and the slide is advanced (they were given a 'next' className), but the input is not selected/checked.

First solution:
Remove the 'next' className, and add an onclick handler to the label, with the 'next' command:
  1. $('#slideshow').cycle('next');

New problem:
Now the input is selected correctly, but the slide advances two slides instead of one!

Is there a better way to make an input click advance slides?

While my calculator form UI feels great using cycle, I feel like I'm totally underusing an excellent plugin when it comes to the 'next' functions - do I need to use a 'before' callback instead? I'm not 100% sure how to employ it.

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