Cycle plugin prev/next modification

Cycle plugin prev/next modification


I'm using the 'old' cycle plugin and I have a nowrap slideshow with prev/ next controls like so:

  1. <div id="prev"></div>
  2. <div id="slideshow">
  3. <img src="01.jpg">
  4. <img src="02.jpg">
  5. <img src="03.jpg">
  6. <img src="04.jpg">
  7. <img src="05.jpg">
  8. <img src="06.jpg">
  9. <img src="07.jpg">
  10. <img src="08.jpg"></div>
  11. <div id="next"></div>

The reason for this is that I wanted to have the whole div (50x600 px) clickable instead of just an arrow png I'm using as navigator. So it's two empty divs with a background image that is an arrow. Simple. See here:

Since the slideshow is 'nowrap', I'd like to NOT show the 'prev' arrow at the first slide and the 'next' at the last. I can't hide the divs, because that would mess up my design so I need to overwrite the div's background style not to show the arrow.

Can anyone help me with this?