Date and time picker on product page Woocommerce

Date and time picker on product page Woocommerce

hi there,
I'm banging my head for the last 3 days to fix something that looked very simple... I just need a date and time picker at a product in Woocommerce. The best way (i thought...) was to add a attribute to the article and use a time and calander from pickadate.js. Only,... it doesn't show!

We have installed 4 different bookings and calender plug ins but they are to complicated or don't work. On the example page beneath you can see what i need. We installed Easy bookings BUT this plugin needs a start and end date. We want only a date en a time. (please select first 3 boxes to see what we want..)
Here ia the example:

Google is full with the same questions but no solutions...
Someone know's how to fix this issue??
THNX in advance!

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