Datepicker Localization by Translation or Conversion?

Datepicker Localization by Translation or Conversion?

JQuery datepicker is great but some localization is none sense!

Talking about date, localization is not only translation of month and day names, or providing local date formats which is available in localization modules. Localization is supporting local date systems. To be more exact, when you localize to a Persian calendar, you have to consider that a Persian year starts at the beginning of spring (Nowrouz) rather than winter (Christmas). Although Persian calendar is much older than the Gregorian one, it is re-initiated with Muslims Hijri date initiator, 621 years later than Gregorian calendar. So the year 2010, would be year 1388-1389 in Persian calendar. Months are not starting with Gregorian months and day count of months are not the same as Gregorian calendar.

"Persian Calendar" (also known as "Jalali Calendar") has it's own calculation method and has to be converted into, to localize JQuery datepicker. Microsoft is fully supporting it and it stores dates as a standard value so that when you specify a Persian date and save it in a database, it can be retried with Gregorian equivalent if Persian face not available.

As far as I know, this is not only about Persian Calendar, but there are also some other date systems legally used by governments that need to be localized.

Now the question is:
I have the conversion formula but how can I manipulate the localization module to generate the converted datepicker?
Do I have to override the original JQuery class? If so, is there a way that I can keep the new version standard to be still usable for none localized usage?