Deleting my plugin's Github repo and rebuilding it from scratch using SubGit?

Deleting my plugin's Github repo and rebuilding it from scratch using SubGit?

I'm the author of the  jquery-picklist  plugin, and my codebase is developed in my Subversion repo at Googlecode Project Hosting. I'd love to eventually move development to Github directly, but day job and life have prevented me from picking up all but the most basic git commands; I'm afraid I'd really screw something up if I just moved over completely to git right now. (Or maybe I'm just getting old and stuck in my ways. :P)

Anyway, when I release a new version of my plugin I update my local git repo (which is a mirror of my Googlecode SVN repo) and push to my Github repo, where of course the webhook notifies the jQuery Plugins site of the new version.

But this workflow is quite cumbersome, lots of steps, hard to automate with confidence. Every time I release a new version, I'm afraid I'm going to get something out of sync or screw a release up or something.

But I've recently discovered a new tool called SubGit. From what I've been reading so far, it seems to make the whole process of keeping my Github repo synced with my Googlecode repo much simpler, easier, and straightforward.

Now to the point. I'd like to start from a clean slate, so that means completely deleting my Github's mirror repo, recreating that repo, then using SubGit to keep the mirror synchronized.

My concerns are a) will deleting the Github repo screw up my plugin's page on the jQuery Plugins site and b) will subsequent releases be published to the jQuery Plugins site under the same plugin name. Or will I have any other issues I haven't considered?

Any insight, info, links, resources, etc. to help me get a clearer picture of the ramifications of my plans would be most appreciated.