different behavior using .removeAttr() on IE8

different behavior using .removeAttr() on IE8

I'm encountering a situation where .removeAttr() is working on my local dev env but it's causing runtime error: Not Implemented on the stage env.

My code is like this:
                        "<script language='javascript'>if(top==self){{ window.opener.jQuery('[SubmitCaseId*=' + {1} + ']').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); window.opener.jQuery('[SubmitCaseId*=' + {1} +']').attr('href', '');}} else parent.disableCase({1}); alert('{0}');if(top==self) window.close(); else parent.showmaster(); </script>",
                        message, Id));

I understand that .removeAttr() was not support in older version of IE. But IE8 is being used for on both my local dev env and stage.
Does anyone has an idea?

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