div "blinks" in IE before going to the correct position

div "blinks" in IE before going to the correct position

Hey guys,
I've run straight into a wall head first and I need some help getting "unstuck". :X

This works in all browsers but IE (what a surprise). I was wondering if I could add a delay or something in my script to "show" the div on mouseover. I am open to suggestions on a solution to this, the delay was just the first thing that came to mind because it seems that IE is translating the HTML on the fly.

The problem: the div "blinks" for a millisecond in IE, then goes to where it is supposed to go.

I'm not sure if there is actually a fix for this, or if it's just IE being IE.

URL: http://stage.post.edu/microsite/template/index.shtml
Script: http://stage.post.edu/microsite/template/jq-box.js
CSS: http://stage.post.edu/microsite/template/style-testing.css Search: #tooltip & #tooltip1

Please roll over the links in UL in IE to experience technical difficulties. In the meantime, I'll be standing here with my head in this wall.