div play button onclick not working with ajax super filter

div play button onclick not working with ajax super filter

Hi Guys,

Need your support!

I have one problem with my play button which works fine until i use super filter (Ajax content) to refine the list of products.
Button style shows fine but when i press it nothing happens, which should call and send a mp3 link, name and thumb for my music player (jquery) to read, which is sticked on the bottom of the page.

1.This is how it looks like HTML:(code generates multiple products on one page depends on how many products)
  1. <div class="audioplayer-song-changer" data-target="#ap1" href="#" style="" data-thumb="<?php echo $product['thumb']; ?>" data-thumb_link="<?php echo $product['href']; ?>" data-type="normal" data-source="mp3-link">

  2. <a class="button hint--top" data-hint="Play Sample"><i class="button-left-icon"></i><span class="button-cart-text">&#9658;</span><i class="button-right-icon"></i></a>

  3.  <span class="meta-artist"><span class="the-artist">name</span> </span> </div>
2.My jquery code on the bottom of html page which is placed once:
  1. script
  2.  jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {

  3.  var settings_ap = {
  4.  disable_volume: 'off'
  5.  ,disable_scrub: 'default'
  6.  ,design_skin: 'skin-wave'
  7.  ,skinwave_dynamicwaves:'on'
  8.  ,skinwave_enableSpectrum: "off"
  9.  ,settings_backup_type:'full'
  10.  ,settings_useflashplayer:'auto'
  11.  ,skinwave_spectrummultiplier: '4'
  12.  ,skinwave_comments_enable:'off'
  13.  ,skinwave_mode: 'small'
  14.  };
  15.  dzsap_init('#ap1',settings_ap);
  16.  });
  17. /script

Does anyone have a clue how to solve this issue?

i tried even this but still no luck:

  1. <div onclick="document.getElementById("audioplayerid").api_play_media();">

    the first code

  2. </div>