Drag & Drop Problem...

Drag & Drop Problem...

Hi everyone! I am a jQuery newbie, and looking for a little help.

I am making a drag & drop application. But I have run into a few problems which bring up a few questions.

First of all, I have a box inside of a box. The main box is called .bullpen, the boxes inside the bullpen are . . . bpstore under there, I have created 6 smaller boxes that are called driverbox. The problem I have encountered is I cannot get all the bpSTORE's to be draggable.I can get one of them to be draggable. But not all of them.

$( init );
function init() {
helper: 'clone',
appendTo: 'body',
  containment: "document"
  $('.driverbox').droppable( {

    drop: handleDropEvent
  } );
 function handleDropEvent( event, ui ) {
  var draggable = ui.draggable;
  alert( 'The square with ID "' + draggable.attr('id') + '" was dropped onto me!' );

My next question is how do I make each of the store boxes unique? The div is named all the same. So that I can write them to a database individually?

Thanks in advance for your help!