Drupal jquery.slicebox.js conflict

Drupal jquery.slicebox.js conflict

I currently have the slicebox library being used on a drupal 7 website. It's not a module and it's being added to a page content-type in hardcoded version:

drupal_add_js(path_to_theme().'/js/no_bug_jquery.slicebox.min.js', 'file');
drupal_add_js(path_to_theme().'/js/no_bug_jquery.slicebox.js', 'file');

My problem is that the 1st file (jquery.slicebox.min.js) is in conflict with other .js scripts found on this page.

If I remove that 1st file, the other scripts work fine but I can't display the slicebox anymore.

Can someone give me a hint how to proceed with that conflict? Cheers, Michael