Duty calendar

Duty calendar

I have seen tutorial about jQuery PHP calendar, but have questions about customization this idea.

I am making duty worker calendar with administrator interface.

The differences between event calendar are: no events, only people->day date correlation, no hours correlation, the duty staff work whole day.

I am not sure about my MYSQL database architecture, at current moment there is

1  <- these day dates, that i fill specific key (coz duty worker could be Sick (S), Weekend(W) ,on Duty(D) for each duty worker

For each month i have each table, table name define by date '8-2014' as sample. (in attachment i show table example)

User interface is formed by PHP (PDO request to this table and fill information to HTML table). (sample screenshot in attachment)

Administator interface use the same PHP background, for selecting interesting dates for duties i use jQuery-selectable function UI. (sample screenshot in attachment)

I have troubles with administrator interface realization:
- How i could collect selected grids and fill information to mysql table? i need insert to table 8-2014 to the 3 value D, as sample. to the 4 value D and so on?
I need fill different keys to the date (D,S,W and so on), but worker could have only one state per day. In administrator interface i think make switch for all states, and fill information to database depend on switch state. What do you think about it? Is it right way or not?

I work with JS,jQuery first time, my knowledge is noobish. Thats why may be you could point my mistakes in database structure and could advise something.