Events firing after ajax page change. (Flipclock)

Events firing after ajax page change. (Flipclock)

Hi there,

so I have this little problem:

My project uses a layout which is using ajax calls to load the content of a module into the main content area. Specific javascripts are loaded dynamically with that ajax call (basically it just return some HTML that I add to the main content area that includes some javascript/jquery files).
I'm using to display a counter on some pages.

Obviously I bound some things to the "stop" callback of the counter. This is still firing even if the element is not there anymore  (since I changed the page). So I learned that events don't disappear till the page is reloaded or the event unbound.

The problem is, that I see no option to unbind the event once the element is not there anymore.

Let me know if something is unclear :)

Thanks in advance for your help