fade type of commands

fade type of commands

Hi all,

yes, I saw the workaround at https://forum.jquery.com/topic/fadein-and-fadeout-problem

however, from the semantics: a fade really should not remove an element to "display:none", but fade to .0,
so that the element is still there, but the appearance is changed.

Even on the w3schools site, there is a horribly bad example at this example with three boxes :
If you look closely you see they disappear, and the blue box jumps up.

Of course there can be applied that workaround by defining classes for them boxes too.

Is there a chance to get this adjusted, so that the fade semantics is maintained, i.e. the object is not removed from the display, but displayed with 0% opacity? The granularity of the numerical argument is pretty fine, I guess a .0000001 would be acceptable for a fadeOut.

If I wanted to remove the object entirely, I can of course chain that in, with all the consequences to the display when an object is removed and others potentially move into new places.

switching to 'display:none' is just not fade out, but removal.

I don't need flack in return, have a full junk drawer full of it  , nor little teachers wanting to make the point why writing lines of code per object would be a good idea.