fading stopped working locally

fading stopped working locally

Hi all

I am developing a site and for the life of me I cannot see why jquery fading or sliding will not work on my site (which I have used many times before in the past on other sites).

Take this example:

  1.         $("#loginform").fadeTo('slow', 0, function() {

Now, all that happens when I  click a link to trigger that code, the #loginform disapppears without fading out and the #forgotpassword appears instantly without fading in.  #forgotpassword has a css property of display:none to start with.

This is happening everywhere I have used fadeIn/fadeOut/slideToggle etc, they simply jump between states and miss the animation in between!

I am using jquery 1.9.1.

I have tested this in Chrome, FireFox, IE9/10/11, Safari (all on windows) and they are exactly the same across all browsers.

What on earth could be causing the problem?

Thank you for reading and any advice.