[SOLVED] Fake Scroll and Input

[SOLVED] Fake Scroll and Input

Hi there!

I have developed a "fake" <SELECT>, because of project requirements.

My code is easy to understand, I have an <INPUT> and a <DIV> with an inner <UL>.
Whenever I click on the <INPUT>, the <DIV> is showed (hidden by default by CSS).
Whenever I pick one <LI> from the <UL>, the <DIV> turns hidden, or if I change manually the <INPUT> value.

But the problem cames when I click somewhere else of the page without picking one of the <LI>.
I had tried with myInput.blur(function(){ //something here }); but it cames to me that this is launched whenever <INPUT> loose the focus, so it doesn't matter if the user clicks over one <LI> or somewhere else.

Is there any way to know If the user is clicking over the displayed "fake" <SELECT>?


- I didn't know it was imposible, so far I wouldn't had achieved it. -