Fancy Form

Fancy Form

 I did form library(plugin) on JQuery.

For the moment doc is absent, but samples have code on page.
Docs will be in future.

Can you please overview and say what do you think about it?
What you would like to see in it?

One more question.
Sorry for not the topic.
Give me advice.
I wanted to do not just plugin, I wanted to do some small commercial product on JQuery.
But faced problem how to say that I did it.
I did not find place where possible to write about it.
I have never tried self as marketing, just code.
And now better see that google offen show not you search project but well seo.

For example if search in google javas—Āript charts, it will show mainly highcharts, amcharts, some others.
They are cool on many moments.
But I use ZingChart - which has in at least 5 times more features and in fact is number one on possibilty, perfomance, has node.js server rendering which much cooler than just phantomjs and many many many other moments.
But in google in Europe you would with trouble find it.

So please give advice how to say about project on JQuery?