Firebug/JSON problems using jQuery 1.4

Firebug/JSON problems using jQuery 1.4

Hi folks,

Tore some hair out over this one...  When I upgraded to jQuery 1.4 I started getting JSON parse errors.  I know 1.4 requires valid JSON, so I cut-and-pasted the JSON server response out of Firebug into JSONLint and jQuery.parseJSON() and both said my JSON was valid.  Finally, I dumped ajaxError.thrownError to the console, and saw this:

  1. InvalidJSON:{"SUCCESS":true,"ATTACHMENT_FILENAME":"F6A0D547-1D09-C43B-40F8CCF1E0D2C822","MESSAGE":"Success","ATTACHMENT_ORIGINAL_FILENAME":"something.txt"}

  2. <divfirebugversion="1.5.0" style="display: none;"id="_firebugConsole"></div>

That's certainly not valid!  When I turned off Firebug, my code started working again.

I'll bring this to the attention of the Firebug folks, I just thought I'd share it here in case it gives anybody else grief.


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