Firefox issue (jScrollHorizontalPane.js)

Firefox issue (jScrollHorizontalPane.js)

Hello there,

I'm all new to this forum, and to jQuery, so I want to make a short introduction: my name is Bart and I'm a webdesigner from Holland. I'm trying to get into jQuery (and javascript) so sorry if my question is kinda stupid :-)

Since a couple of months I'm trying to get this slider up and running. After struggeling with flash I decided to use jQuery. I found this plugin called jScrollHorizontalPane.....almost the perfect tool, with a few requirements left I began to change some styles.

For your notice: I'm trying to create a horizontal slideshow...with a horizontal scrollbar AND a second navigation. This navigation contains numbers, which are related to the divs inside the slideshow. An example of this situation can be found at: (the menu in the right top is also linked to the slideshow)

Well, after making some changes the tool is still working perfect in Internet Explorer (and Safari and Chrome), but Firefox refuses to work. I think it's a problem within the style (the example contains a container in the slideshow with a fixed width)....related to the jScrollHorizontalPane plugin.

My current project can be seen at:

I don't want to work with fixed widths...because the images have variable widths.

Can someone help me with this issue? I''m kind of desperate to be honest...

Thank you very much!