Form Validation - Focusing/Updating/Sending

Form Validation - Focusing/Updating/Sending

Hi Guys,

I am new to jQuery and I am utilising it to try and improve a small business website I am making.

I am currently validating a webform which is going great. I have surprised myself how quick it was. I am writing the code in a ('body').append function. Which is working in general however when the users leaves a field using the mouse pointer or tabs (to a checkbox) it does not validate. Tabbing from a text box to a text box does validate :P This has completely confused me haha

Summarise Question 1:
How do I validate the field after every key press?

The second problem I am having is emailing the form to myself. I have written a php file which validates the fields server-side and emails them to myself but I am struggling to work out how I call the php script from jQuery so it uses the same submit form.

Summarise Question 2:
How do I call emailForm.php at the end of my .js file?

Here is a snippet of the first validation to give you a picture of my code :)
  1. $(document).ready(function(){
  2.     var jVal = {
  3.         'fullName' : function() {
  5.                   $('body').append('<div id="nameInfo" class="info"></div>');

  6.                   var nameInfo = $('#nameInfo');
  7.                   var ele = $('#fullname');
  8.                   var pos = ele.offset();
  10.             nameInfo.css({
  11.                   top:,
  12.                   left: pos.left+ele.width()+15
  13.             });

  14.             if(ele.val().length < 6) {
  15.                    jVal.errors = true;
  16.                   nameInfo.removeClass('correct').addClass('error').html('&larr; at least 6 characters').show();
  17.                   ele.removeClass('normal').addClass('wrong');
  18.                   } else {
  19.                   nameInfo.removeClass('error').addClass('correct').html('&radic;').show();
  20.                   ele.removeClass('wrong').addClass('normal');
  21.                   }
  22. }