Framework7 and the native-like

Framework7 and the native-like

Hi people,

I just watched the functionning of Framework7 and their fabulous different system in sections "Killer Features". Ok I grant you, it's easier for them, they only work on one platform. However, the swipe back really think for a native-like feelings and the pull to refresh too.
JQM to something like, I think, to the dynamic navbar. But when you swipe it does not give the same effect of parallax. And again, it's really beautiful, and ergonomic.

I managed to set up the pull to refresh in effective manner in JQM native javascript, however, do you know a way to apply parallax swipe? Is this in preparation for the famous update 1.5 is expected for a long time?

When I see all the new framework, their potential and their native-like method, I wonder how jQuery can pass up such important widget ?
And yet I did not want to leave JQM, I like jQuery and freedom in coding.

Best Regards,